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The LMU Center for Advanced Management Studies (LMU CAMS) is a Center of Excellence at the Munich School of Management at Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich. LMU CAMS invites visiting professors and scholars to pursue their research in Munich and to teach in the faculty's doctoral programme.

LMU stands for excellent research coupled with a long tradition. At LMU, around 700 professors and 3,000 academic staff engage in research and teaching. In recent rankings, LMU has repeatedly been found to be  the leading research university in Germany.

The LMU Munich School of Management is one of eighteen faculties at LMU. The School is top-ranked among German business schools. About 150 senior and junior researchers engage in cutting-edge management studies. In its various degree programmes, around 3,200 students are training for careers in private and public organizations and in academia. The LMU Munich School of Management offers a great variety of research and teaching. Research projects are jointly undertaken with universities and corporations all over the world. For further information please visit


The LMU Center for Advanced Management Studies (LMU CAMS) was founded in 2007 in course of the LMUexcellent initiative. The center is supported by all institutes at the LMU Munich School of Management and chaired by the LMU CAMS Director Prof. Dr. Markus Glaser, Head of the Institute for Capital Markets and Corporate Finance at the Munich School of Management.


The main objective of the LMU CAMS is to promote interaction between LMU faculty members and internationally renowned researchers from abroad. In particular, LMU CAMS is to support the academic training of young scientists by exposing them to new concepts, methods and research ideas.

Current Support: The LMU CAMS gratefully acknowledges financial support from the Munich School of Management and the study program “MSc in Management – European Triple Degree”.

In the past LMU CAMS has been assisted by BayernLG, the German Entrepreneurship GmbH, the LMU Management Alumni network (2008, 2010 - 2012, 2015), and the EUTOP International GmbH. Founded in July 2003, this network of LMU graduates and doctorates has 2,000 individual members by now, almost 75 sponsors as well as over 5,000 interested affiliates in a wider community. Former and current students, businesses and sponsors are brought together and connect with the faculty on a number of occasions and events. This non-profit organization aims at supporting the faculty in both visionary and economic ways. You will find further information here: